General FAQ for Advertisers

In this section we shall try to provide answers to frequently asked questions which typically puzzle advertisers when they are about to start an affiliate campaign.

Advertising is a key component to the success of your business and is essential to its growth to let people know who you are, where you are , what you do and tell them why they should use your products and services over someone else's. And here comes the need of professional advertising networks. When you consult with Adsplay International, we will simplify the advertising process for you and make recommendations on the most effective media for your campaign. We shall do complete market analysis for you so that you can do best in your business as we are a multi screen International Digital Ad Network which offers 360 Degree solutions for digital marketing with More than 10000+ active Affiliates. We provide reliable and real time tracking for our advertisers with high conversion ratio. We also promote native ads at our end.
Depends upon your requirement, whether you want to go for immediate sales, create awareness about various products, do branding of your company; we have solutions for your all marketing goals.
Most products or services are relevant to affiliate marketing, because it is based on performance. We do advise you to contact us to discuss the opportunities for your product or service. You can start by signing up ( and by telling us why your product/service should be promoted by our network.
Yes. Anyone that has a website selling online products or services that accepts digital payments can become an Advertiser in our network. Apply thru signup link ( and our sales representative shall be in touch with you.
If you are looking for a transparent partner, driven for performance marketing, then you are in the right place. Our network, Adsplay International, is one of the leading Digital Marketing Networks in India with global presence. We help brands to connect with their target audience either in mobile or web. We provide technical solutions with innovations on the digital platform. We are working with the leading publisher partners in the digital domain to execute and deliver campaigns for our clients across all the verticals, and in addition we have our own inventory as well. From branding to performance we have successfully delivered campaigns across mediums.
Firstly you need to be in touch with us, in order to discuss your specific requirements. Then we shall send you a proposal for your affiliate programme, which will be customized to your needs as well as in line with current market needs. Once we have agreed on the terms of our partnership, we shall move forward and get your programme set up on our network. We shall sign a Service Level Agreement (SLA).
Joining Adsplay International is free; there are no hidden charges or fees to pay. There is however cost involved once your campaign is live and you are receiving sales or leads. You need to set the budgets and rate per lead or sale or visit or install. But you will ever pay for actual results only. There may also be additional costs involved if you would like us to create landing pages, emails, banners, creatives etc.
Advertisers are advised to assess their profit margins and competition when setting up a commission on their affiliate programme. Keeping this thing in mind that the commission you offer to affiliates is one of the most important criteria to promote your business, we shall help you formulate a commission structure that not only will attract affiliates but also be viable for your business. In order to decide on your campaign's payout you have to consider the affiliate commission your competition is offering, your product's prices, your website's current conversion rate and the impact of your brand name.
We shall work with you and give you a better realistic figure for the same. Actually answer of this question depends on various factors like whether you are a new or established business , what products or services you offer, is it branding, your advertising campaign strategy etc. But we are very much confident that with our consistent and reliable network you shall get results much earlier than your expectations.
When all the specifics of the campaign have been agreed upon, then you have to place our tracking code on your website. Once this is done and tested, we shall announce your campaign to all affiliates of our network, and they, depending upon the module of the campaign (CPL, CPS, CPV, CPI, CPA etc.) start promoting.
The payment process for your campaigns is quite simple. We are very much transparent in tracking of performances. At the end of each month we shall provide you a complete list of leads/sales. You are requested to respond as soon as possible regarding the authenticity of the leads and genuineness of sales (whether the sale has been cancelled or not). Then shall forward you an invoice and you have to pay only for real leads and sales.
We work with a CPA business model. With this business model, you pay only when a predefined campaign restriction is obeyed. The restriction can range from a sale completion, filling out a form, or installing the application. This ensures that our advertisers pay for results only, not just for impressions.
No because in performance based marketing it is not you who are promoting yourself but you have to rely on different affiliates who have the sites, choose to promote you. But definitely you can make clear to affiliates regarding who your customers are, or who are the users that you are interested in, so that affiliates can more effectively target the campaign and give you good conversions.
When we introduce your campaign in our network, you are supposed to set all the terms and conditions that includes all the validation criteria (Allowed Media / Disallowed Media etc.), so that affiliates will know what is permitted in terms of promoting the campaign. But for aggressively promotion of your campaign we suggest you to set only those limitations that are really necessary otherwise it will be very difficult for affiliates to promote it.
Normally a campaign has below mentioned information
  • Campaign Name
  • Module
  • Conversion Flow
  • Allowed Media
  • Disallowed Media
  • Return Criteria
  • Targeting Geo
  • Special Instructions( if any)
  • Validation Criteria
  • Payout
  • Preview Page
Yes, it is. As banners are the foremost tools that affiliates use to promote the campaigns, therefore we advise advertisers to update them periodically.
For calculating your current CPL or CPS price you can sum up your current advertising cost and divide it by the leads / or sales that this advertising budget has generated.
Website publishers, opt-in email list owners, Advertising Networks, bloggers, forums, Facebookers and Twitterers and even individuals who are active in search or social media.
Depends upon your requirement. We have good search affiliate base, so advertiser can choose whether or not to allow bidding in Google.
A tracking pixel is a method for tracking actions in which the advertiser places an image tag representing a 1×1 pixel on the page that is displayed immediately after the action being tracked. This means that a tracking pixel is placed on a page at the end of an action. This helps us to identify a conversion and to match this information with information we gathered earlier. Our Advertisers can use between four types of tracking pixels: iframe, image , HTML / JavaScript code and Postback URL.
A cookie is a small file which is saved on a user's computer and is the basis on which we can track sales and leads on our affiliate platform. The cookie is placed on the user's computer when he / she clicks on one of the creatives offered on your affiliate programme. The longer the cookie duration, the more attractive the programme for affiliates.
Our network runs on one of the best tracking and attribution platforms, this means that you will benefit from reliable and robust technology and will have your own access to view, measure and report on your campaigns performance. To track your sales, we need to implement a pixel code on your sign up or check out page in order to track all conversions back to our platform. You will get access to your very own dashboard that offers real-time statistics, pre-generated or custom reporting along with a fraud detection program.
There are a number of things to keep in mind when creating banners for your campaign. Study reveals that all banners should be in jpegs if static or gif if animated and more photographically based. Although publisher will use different size banners in accordance to their sites design, yet most commonly used is 480x60 banner and 120x60 logo for your campaign. But try to provide them in various sizes. If you are using animated banners, please make sure they stop after 30 seconds. A clear prompt causes more response e.g. "Click Here".
Adsplay International supports a variety of integration methods to support you specific needs including cookie based pixel and API tracking. Our Operation team will be on hand to assist you with the implementation and integration of your campaign during the initial setup process to make sure that a solid foundation is built to ensure the long term prospects with our affiliates.
We take care of our partners. We have developed our anti-fraud system to protect your campaigns from low quality traffic and publishers fraud. You pay for high quality results only.