Affiliate Marketing Programs Of Tap Tap Fish - AbyssRium 1gfcobmqhh7spjnr9hz3ccara on Adsplay International

1 No Incent, No Pop up ads, No Free-Recharge apps traffic and No App Wall like Geenapp etc. No SMS, No Email, No Adult traffic, No Social Media traffic and No Bot Traffic2 CVR within 8% The caps provided are network wide. Please ask AM for individual Caps by Mail and Skype. expiry date: Mentioned on the dashboard.3 The offer will stop converting once we hit the daily/monthly cap.4 Usage of any other creatives apart from the mentioned on the dashboard needs explicit approval from AM, and needs to be shown to AM. Not adhering to this would be treated as fraud.5 Non-Solicitation: For a period of six months from the start of the campaign, the Publisher agrees not to solicit, nor attempt to solicit any Advertiser of InMobi6 Any fraud detected by the advertiser within 6 months from running the campaigns would be penalized and the installs would be reversed.; Kpi:No Rebrokering,No Redirect Traffic,Own Creatives Not Allowed,Invalid or duplicate leads unaccepted,No Social Networks,no Incentivization,No Search,No Adult Content,No Pop Traffic. 0- and KPI- The adv didnt give any specifit kpi,please conside 10% - 30% RR for our adv
Target Countries : JP, 
Expiry :