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PopStar 2018 - FREE ANDROID GAME PopStar 2018 is a good time killer with cool UI and popping Effects. It’s time to pop stars everywhere for free. POPSTAR is a hot popping game on iOS (iPhone and iPad), and now iSpace Gaming Studio immigrated it to android. PopStar 2018, once you start popping, you cannot stop it. β˜› HOW TO PLAY PopStar 2018 GAME PopStar 2018 game has one challenge mode; you will have to get enough scores to finish all the levels in the game. - Tap two or more STARS of the same color to destroy the stars. - The more STARS you POP, the more score you will get. - More bonuses with fewer STARS at the end of each stage. Try to clear all STARS, you will get a lot of bonus. β˜› FEATURES OF PopStar 2018 GAME - No popup ads! - Perfectly support single tap and double tap - No time limit, and no internet requirement, you can play it anytime you like anywhere you want. - If you get a high score, share PopStar 2018 with your friend on Wechat! - Cool UI and popping Effects - Nice background music as you pop β˜›- and KPI- The adv didnt give any specifit kpi,please conside 10% - 30% RR for our adv
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