Affiliate Marketing Programs Of Pegipegi (Android, Free, ID, 50MB, w/capping) CPA - | Android | Non Incent CPI on Adsplay International

*If you expect to generate more than 25 installs per day, please contact your account manager.*

Android 4.1+

CAMPAIGN TYPE : Cost Per Action (CPA) (A = Paid New Booking)

Bookings generated has to be successful

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step 1: user clicks on creative/affiliate link and is forwarded to Play Store

step 2: user downloads the App on their Android

step 3: user opens the App after download, normally within 24 hours and makes a booking. Conversions happening up to three days later will also be attributed; but, due to technical properties of the tracking method, accuracy decreases the longer the time elapsed between the download and the opening of the App

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