Affiliate Marketing Programs Of LINE POP2 level 1 iPad JP - Non-Incent on Adsplay International

The long-awaited sequel to the game played by 50 million people around the world! Simple and enjoyable line em up style gameplay. POP blocks in a hexagonal grid! Over 15 million downloads worldwide! ■ How to play LINE POP2 Move blocks in 6 different directions to line up 3 of a kind and clear them from the board. Complete missions and clear levels. Connect with your LINE account to exchange gifts and compete in the rankings. 

 There is CV from a publisher with a retention rate of 10% or less on the next day. ・There is CV from a publisher over 60 minutes from click-to-install time has passed is over 50% ・CVs which click-to-install time is less than 10 seconds.

 Not Allowed Domain:

 KPI: RETENTION RATE: Represents the % of users using the App after Day1 Day 1 Retention Rate: min 30 % Day 7 Retention Rate: min 10 % ROAS: above 30% LOGIN RATE: 20~40% If the Day 1 Retention Rate is 0%, we may not be able to pay you. 

- and KPI- The adv didnt give any specifit kpi,please conside 10% - 30% RR for our adv
Target Countries : JP, 
Expiry :